About CA Commission

What is CA Commission?

This is a committee within Christ Ambassadors which comprises of a consortium of people from a variety of professional and skilled backgrounds who appropriate funds raised by CA for specific outreach purposes starting with the CA Polio Eradication Initiative (CAPEI) project.

This group is involved in raising funds, reviewing and deciding on specific outreach projects to pursue and the organisation of such programmes.

What is required of a member?

Members of the CA Commission are people who have IDEAS and the PASSION to see a change in the world around them, even if in a small way.

They are a committed team willing to volunteer their time, skills and expertise in different areas and have the perseverance to see a vision go from start to finish.

In addition, every member automatically becomes a Christ Ambassador Financial Partner which means they donate regularly towards the vision of CA and to ensure that there is always money in the bank for the projects the group decides to embark upon.

Interested in becoming a CA Commissioner?

If being a part of CA Commission appeals to you, why not send an email informing us of your intent and a member of the team will endeavour to get back to you.

Prospective members are generally accepted on a referral basis however interests from independent members of the public can and are rarely considered on a majority vote basis by committee members.

Please be aware that an interview might be required.

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