Aims and Objectives

Christ Ambassadors is an organisation which aims to disciple and edify individuals in effectively sharing the Gospel message.

CA exists to fulfil that which is at the very heart of God, to reconcile man to Himself.

CA offers practical and interactive messages taken from the Word of God to enable Christians to become living evangelists.

We strive daily to impress upon believers the importance of proclaiming the Gospel not only by their words alone but also through every facet of their lives.

Furthermore, our prayer is that the gift of redemption, which was paid for by the death of Jesus Christ, is made known to every living soul on earth.

CA and the Individual

CA encourages individuals to be true disciples of Christ, enabling them to be living mirrors reflecting the glory of Christ to everyone they encounter.

Each person is empowered to be letters written by the Spirit of God detailing His love through their thoughts, words and actions.

CA and the Church

CA exists to serve the church as a tool for the exhortation and proclamation for the Kingdom of God.

CA is not to replace the church but to edify, uphold and encourage the body of Christ in all its endeavours especially in delivering the Gospel message of reconciliation.

CA and the World

As ambassadors of Christ, we aspire to emulate the works of Christ in bringing relief and change to those who are suffering, hungry, in sickness and in oppression.

We have been commissioned by Christ to preach the Good News, bring relief to the poor, defend the helpless and we have the authority to heal the sick.

As the Spirit of God leads us, we aim to fight for the justice and freedom of those who are downtrodden and bound.

In Summary

CA will be offering many resources in order to achieve the aims above including evangelism courses and outreach programmes.

In addition, we will be working with many charity organisations by funding and helping their cause within communities.

We aim to develop true ambassadors for Christ who can be known throughout the earth by their words, their walk and their lives.

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