Our History

CA was birthed out of a desire to see lost souls brought back to Christ. It serves to encourage every Christian not just a selected few called evangelists in fulfilling the Great Commission as commanded by Jesus Christ, our Lord.


CA started as a student society on the 4th of September 2005 at the University of Manchester.

With up to 12 regular members every week, it flourished from its interactive and engaging methods of encouraging people to share the Gospel.

During the weekly meetings, there were games, illustrations, fun and laughter but more importantly teachings from the words and life of Jesus Christ. In some meetings, they even ate together.

Furthermore CA members were encouraged to put into practice what they had learned in their everyday their lives, their relationships, on their way to lectures and in specific outreach programs.

‘Da Reason 4 da Season’ was such an event where CA representatives were let loose on the campus grounds for one week to perform acts of service during the Christmas period for their fellow students as a show of the love of Jesus.

They cooked for students, cleaned their halls and even wrapped presents. On the Wednesday of the CA week, they gave out free but useful gifts on the Student Union Steps which yielded ample opportunities for them to use their street evangelism skills to its fullest and some challenging but interesting topics were discussed.

The story continues...

Now CA has many members worldwide yearning to be encouraged and guided in delivering the Gospel message of Christ.

At CA we believe that it is imperative for every Christian to be about the Father’s business working in obedience to the Holy Spirit to fulfil that which is at the very heart of God, the salvation of mankind.

Explore our site and find ways that CA can serve and help you in becoming the Ambassador Christ paid the price for you to be.

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