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The Christ Ambassadors Online Course has been designed to suit young Christian students between the ages of 16 – 25.

It is made up of 2 topics ‘Being Like Christ’ and ‘Being an Ambassador’.

Being Like Christ

The Being Like Christ Course aims to set a foundation of who Jesus Christ is. To be effective Ambassadors of Christ, we must know and be sure of the Christ we profess.

This Course comprises of 10 lessons all of which are easy to read and understand. You can study at your own pace, in your own order and by yourself or with others.

It is centred around the discourse between Jesus and His disciples in Matthew 16: 13 – 20. In this passage Jesus asks His disciples who men say He is and then who they say He is.

By doing this, Jesus emphasizes upon the disciples the importance of a true and personal revelation of who Christ is.

If you would like to see how He does this, enrol onto our Being Like Christ course today and we pray God gives you a deep and personal revelation of the person of Jesus Christ.

List of Topics

Below is a list of the lessons that are covered in the Being Like Christ (BLC) Course:

BLC Lesson 1 – Who do you say Christ is?

BLC Lesson 2 – Who do men say Christ is?

BLC Lesson 3 – Jesus, Man or God?

BLC Lesson 4 – Jesus, the Christ

BLC Lesson 5 – Jesus the Christ claimed to and did fulfil Scriptures

BLC Lesson 6 – Jesus the Christ claimed and demonstrated Divine Authority

BLC Lesson 7 – Jesus the Christ claimed to be and is the ‘I AM'

BLC Lesson 8 – Jesus the Christ claimed that He would and He did Die

BLC Lesson 9 – Jesus the Christ claimed that He would and He did Resurrect

BLC Lesson 10 – Who do you say Jesus the Christ is?

Enrol in our Student's Corner now and you will be able to gain access to these lessons.

Being an Ambassador

Many believers find the mandate to be the Salt and Light of the world a tough task to uphold. These things are easy enough to say but as a student or a young person, how does this actually translate into everyday life?

Our Being an Ambassador Course aims to help you with just that.

Once we understand what is expected of us as an Ambassador we are motivated to prepare accordingly and cultivate the habits that will aid us in being effective.

The Being an Ambassador Course is currently undergoing review and proofreading by the powers that be so please bear with us. It is our aim to bring you the best quality of Lesson notes both in accuracy and doctrine.

In the meantime, join us on Facebook and get a sneak preview on the CA Being an Ambassador notes that have been uploaded there already.

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