Small Groups

Christ Ambassadors started as a student society in the University of Manchester which flourished in this small group setting due to its interpersonal and interactive approach to teaching and discipleship.

Since then CA Small Groups have continued to be fun, interactive and useful for those who have enrolled in one of our classes.

CA ‘Introduction to Evangelism' Course

At present, we are running a 6 week crash course titled ‘Introduction to Evangelism’ at various universities across the country.

We aim to have one running in every city in the UK by the end of 2010.

List of Topics

Below is a list of the 6 Sessions in the Introduction to Evangelism Course (IEC).

Once you register with us in our Student’s Corner, you will be able to download these and take them with you to your small group meeting.

IEC Session 1 - Evangelism

IEC Session 2 - Preparation

IEC Session 3 – Presentation: The Message

IEC Session 4 – Presentation: The Method

IEC Session 5 – Progression

IEC Session 6 - Summary

Registering with us gives you access to the list of our small groups, the course details and materials.


• Find an existing Small Group

We have several small groups soon to start running at various universities in the country. To enrol in one, simply do the following -
1. Register with us in our Student's Corner
2. Fill out a Contact Us enquiries form with enquiry ‘Join Small Groups’
3. Email the respective Tutor about your interest

Once we receive your query, a member of our team will inform you of the next steps to take.

• Lead your own Small Group

If there is not a small group near you, why not start your own. Everything you need is available on this site and it is a very easy process. Simply do the following below -

1. Register with us in our Student Corner, remember to specify Tutor’s access
2. Fill out a Contact Us enquiries form with enquiry 'would like to lead small group'

Your patience is appreciated as you bear with us while we deal with your enquiries.

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